KINDL Centre for Contemporary Art

Anna Barriball / Dirk Braeckman

22 Mar - 05 Jul 2020

Anna Barriball und Dirk Braeckman, Ausstellungsansicht KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Berlin (22. März – 5. Juli 2020); Foto: Jens Ziehe
22 March – 5 July 2020

Guest curator: Eva Eicker

The double exhibition Anna Barriball and Dirk Braeckman at the KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art brings together new and recent work by two artists whose practice is deeply embedded in process and working with the surface and tactile qualities of paper.

The British artist Anna Barriball (*1972 in Plymouth, lives in London) combines various media such as video, drawings, and photography in her work. Barriball is particularly interested in the sculptural qualities of paper, which she creates using wax textures and pencil drawings, for example, and reveals in relief-like impressions.

Dirk Braeckman’s (*1958 in Eeklo, lives in Ghent) black-and-white photographs have an enigmatic presence that the artist achieves not least through the specific surface texture. Using experimental techniques in the darkroom, he turns landscapes and interiors into timeless observations—often months or years after the pictures were taken.