Tobias Buche

02 Jun - 11 Aug 2007

Tobias Buche

Klosterfelde Gallery is very happy to announce a solo exhibition with Berlin artist Tobias Buche (b.1978). Buche, whose first gallery show was on view two and a half years ago at Klosterfelde Linienstrasse, is working on an ever expanding, excessive archive of images that he transfers to continuously changing constellations of associative arrangements.

In earlier works, Tobias Buche often made use of simply constructed movable walls made out of wood - or perspex screens held together with tape - as picture carriers. At the same time, these makeshift display boards were functioning as sculptural interventions in space, leading the visitor alongside the images through the room, cornering him, or positioning him in unusual sight lines.

For the new works, Buche is doing without this kind of display, showing his collections of images on perspex boards, directly attached to the walls and thus only constituting a minimal element of framing for the images. These are reproductions of found graphical material, images from newspapers, magazines, the internet, own photographs, drawings, flyers or notes - assembled to ephemeral tableaux or clusters.

To these ends, Buche uses different techniques of formal equalization. Thus the images are being worked-over once more with regard to colouring and display detail, to mapping value, even as far as choice of paper, so that references to sources, concrete or abstract are being largely wiped out, allowing only brief moments of recognition like souvenir pictures in their enigmatic illegibility. They are principles of refusing and obscuring that are undermining the archival as ordering structure - assembling as such is being examined as an extremely open process, the archive as an irrational, playful and highly subjective system.

Tobias Buche has been featured in gallery- and group-shows nationwide and internationally - amongst them Witte de With in Rotterdam, the last Berlin Biennial, and most recently his solo-show at Kunstverein Braunschweig, that has a forthcoming catalogue this summer.

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opening: 1st June, 2007 6 – 9pm
duration of the exhibition: 2nd June – August 11th, 2007
opening hours: Tuesdays through Saturdays 11 – 6 pm and by appointment

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