25 Mar - 19 Jun 2006

curated by Jens Hoffmann

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: John Cage, John Baldessari, Ryan Gander, Robert Barry, Georg Baselitz, Maurizio Cattelan, Kurt Schwitters, Tim Lee, Tino Sehgal, Annette Kelm, Thomas Demand, Nicole Wermers, Kirsten Pieroth, Robert Filliou, Jan Timme, Martin Kippenberger, Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Yves Klein, Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla, Andreas Slominski, Ceal Floyer, Roman Ondak, John Bock, Alfred Johansen, Jonathan Monk, Karsten Höller, Rodney Graham, Andrew Grassie, Marcel Duchamp, Angela Bulloch, Alexandre da Cunha

WRONG aims to examine the age-old question of what is wrong and what is right. An examination of the practice of art and curating, WRONG is far from proposing an answer to this question but tries to take the inquiry as a conceptual experiment translated to the conditions and the framework of contemporary visual art.

What is right or wrong? What makes things right or wrong? Who is to say what is right or wrong? The tone with which these questions are usually asked suggests that there is only one possible answer: "nobody." Which then implies that there is no such thing as right and wrong at all. But still, we all wrestle with these questions on a daily basis without ever finding any conclusive answer, returning to ethics and morality, as a set of rules, which define what is wrong or right, in our search for what is wrong or what is right. WRONG will look into possibilities of what could be considered wrong in the field of the visual arts and the practice of curating with a selection of art works that address this question. Among the works included will be those that have historically been categorized wrong, which are false or make believe, or which are simply not following the codes and conventions of standard art practice. On inspection, it seems that the art context is without any ethical consideration of what is wrong or right, a lawless field in which everything seems to go.

WRONG brings together art that is ‘wrong’ by not conforming with fact or truth; artwork that is not fitting or suitable for the context; artwork that is not in accord with established usage; work that is not functioning properly; artwork that does not to fit into a canon; artwork that is simply fake and artwork that utilizes everyday objects and turns them into artworks and with that gesture makes them wrong for the everyday use. In addition, all the communication and information around the exhibition such as advertisements and invitation cards will be ‘wrong’ as well. The setup of the exhibition will follow a similar path from the perspective of installation and presentation i.e. ‘wrong’ opening hours, ‘wrong’ lighting, ‘wrong’ heights for wall based works, ‘wrong’ volumes for sound works, ‘wrong’ juxtapositions of art works, etc.
One objective of this exhibition could be to see if this will ultimately contribute to making this exhibition objectively ‘wrong’ or if it will be accepted and by that reveal that it is our actions and the rules that we set that determine what is wrong or right.

For further information or images please contact the gallery.

opening: 24th Marcy 2006, 6 - 9 pm
duration of the exhibition: 25th March until June 19th
opening hours: Monday 11 am - 6 pm. Closed: Tuesday - Sunday

Tags: John Baldessari, Robert Barry, Georg Baselitz, John Bock, Angela Bulloch, John Cage, Maurizio Cattelan, Alexandre da Cunha, Thomas Demand, Marcel Duchamp, Robert Filliou, Ceal Floyer, Ryan Gander, Rodney Graham, Andrew Grassie, Jens Hoffmann, Jens Hoffmann, Annette Kelm, Martin Kippenberger, Yves Klein, Tim Lee, Jonathan Monk, Roman Ondák, Kirsten Pieroth, Kurt Schwitters, Tino Sehgal, Andreas Slominski, Jan Timme, Fischli & Weiss, Nicole Wermers