Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

Anna Kolodziejska

06 May - 12 Jun 2016

Anna Kolodziejska, Untitled (The kiss), 2012
06 May – 12 June 2016

Defamiliarisation, reinterpretation, transformation – in her artistic work Anna Kolodziejska takes up and carries on both minimalistic and surrealist traditions.

In her arrangements of everyday objects she applies minimal interventions to create astonishing, poetic works, ridding the pieces of their functionalities and allowing them to develop a life of their own. The objects used are no longer what they seem to be, yet their origins and the ideas that we associate with them are still present. In "Ohne Titel (Der Kuss)" [Untitled (The kiss)], 2012, we see two coir doormats leaning against each other, corner to corner. A moment of intimacy, a kiss. Kolodziejska’s works frequently make allusions to absent things. Who would set foot on these doormats?

Born in Poland in 1976, Anna Kolodziejska took part in the "Don’t smile. On the Humour of Art" exhibition held at Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein in 2012. In view of the outstanding quality of her work the museum decided to acquire several of the pieces for its collection, which are now on show in a presentation curated by the artist herself.

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