Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

Bojan Šarčević

10 Feb - 06 May 2012

© Bojan Šarčević
The Breath-Taker is the Breath-Giver, 2009
A Curious Contortion in the Method of Progress
10 February – 6 May, 2012

In his oeuvre, Bojan Šarčević takes an uncommon approach to basic questions regarding structures of our society. The presentation at the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is the artist’s first exhibition to be mounted in a museum.

Šarčević does not simply inquire into the impact of mediality and the physical immanence of art but specifically into the potential of art to contribute to contemporary society in the West. Thus, fundamental questions about communal, social, human and artistic structures inform his sensually Spartan works and make the elementary visible.

Šarčević’s exhibition will draw viewers into spaces of great atmospheric density, on the cusp between fullness and emptiness, materiality and immateriality, poetry and precision. Šarčević plays with unexpected opposites. He works on diverse levels of perception – intellectual, sensual and physical – creating works that rhythmically alternate between stillness and movement, presence and transience. The atmosphere that he conjures in his art makes existential questions rise to the surface of consciousness.

This exhibition is one of a series that introduces outstanding young artists to the public-at-large by giving them a large-scale museum exhibition. Previous artists include Rita McBride, Fabian Marcaccio, Monika Sosnowska and Matti Braun. For the first time in this extensive solo presentation, Bojan Šarčević has the opportunity to provide insight into the entire range of his artistic output.

The exhibition, a production of the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, is curated by Christiane Meyer-Stoll.

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