Koenig & Clinton

Born in the morning, dead by night

16 Jan - 28 Feb 2009

Curated by Tony Matelli

January 16th through February 28th, 2009

Wayne Atkins, Mathew Brannon, Olaf Breuning, Tom Costa, Ceal Floyer, Dana Hoey, Matt Johnson, Peter Land, Kris Martin, Cristina Lei Rodriguez, David Shrigley, Sleep, Guy Richards Smit

Leo Koenig Inc. is pleased to start off the New Year with a group exhibition curated by Tony Matelli.
At the beginning of the day our hopes are always high. As the sun burns off the morning dew we are alive with promise...until the shit hits the fan. The impossible complications of daily life wear us down until our plans and desires become hopelessly tangled and compromised. Our day becomes a desperate struggle to maintain coherence, stave off collapse and preserve whatever beauty we may find along the way. The impermanence and futility of our ambitions become clear; times change, joy and sorrow come and go, the city turns into an uninhabited moor, the house becomes occupied by different tenants, desire turns rotten. We slowly turn into shadows of our selves.
We are dead by night. Tomorrow is another day. This is a balancing act.

"Born in the morning, dead by night" focuses on the difficulty of maintaining stability in life and the tension between the vitality of hope and the disappointment of failure.

-Tony Matelli

Tags: Ed Atkins, Olaf Breuning, Ceal Floyer, Dana Hoey, Matt Johnson, Peter Land, Ji Lei, Kris Martin, Tony Matelli, Cristina Lei Rodriguez, David Shrigley