Konrad Fischer

Robert Mangold

18 Apr - 14 Jun 2008

© Robert Mangold
installation view 2008
"Column Structure Painings"

April 18 - June 14, 2008
Opening: Friday, April 18th, 6 - 9 pm

On April 18th, KONRAD FISCHER GALERIE DÜSSELDORF will open the solo exhibition COLUMN STRUCTURE PAINTINGS by the American artist ROBERT MANGOLD.
Mangold’s paintings are multi-piece variegated forms, so called “shaped canvases”, which negate the traditional window metaphor character of a rectangular canvas and emphasize the object character of the works due to its unconventional figure. The unframed canvas becomes sort of a sculpture on the wall. “For me, the edge of the picture is the first line“, Mangold clarifies the procedure for his monochrome all-over paintings. He combines the linear of the drawing with the pictorial of the colour by separating and structuring his monochrome canvases with black graphite lines. The self-tempered, highly atmospheric colours are detached from an illustrating object and become the topic of the works. Just as the same colour merges the particular shaped canvases into a unitary surface, at least one graphite line trespasses upon all canvases and connects them to one. The vocabulary of forms refer to geometric forms such as the circle, square, triangle and rectangle, which Mangold uses in perfect shape as well as in irregular, deformed, distorted forms, although the artist never has been interested in geometrical art: „Geometric art always makes me nervous, I don’t think of my work in that way. I think all of my works are about things fitting or not really fitting together, with the structural shape either dictating the terms of the interiour structure or setting up a framework the interiour structure plays off of.“

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