Konrad Fischer

Cordy Ryman

24 Jun - 30 Jul 2016

Exhibition view
24 June 2016 - 30 Juel 2016

For the first time in Berlin, the Konrad Fischer Gallery is pleased to present work by the New York artist Cordy Ryman.

Cordy Ryman works in the borderland between sculpture and painting. His surfaces consist of recycled material: scraps of wood, metal, or cardboard. He paints with acrylic, lacquer, or spray-paint colors, using an encaustic method. Small elements are often ordered in patterns, then in competing forms and lines, which seem to follow no predetermined order. The work is an exploration of the interplay between color, form, surface feel, and material.

On the upper floor of the Konrad Fischer Galerie in Berlin we present a variety of wallhangings, mostly in small format, as well as a sculpture that mediates between floor and wall: “Third Vine” is composed of wooden slats connected by hinges. The individual elements seem to “measure” the room, like a yardstick, and take possession of it.

Cordy Ryman was born in 1971 in New York. His works have been shown at PS1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island, New York, in the Visual Arts Center in New Jersey, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami and in the Esbjerg Museum of Modern Art in Denmark.

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