Konrad Fischer

Daniel Buren

25 Jan - 01 Mar 2008

Neue Arbeiten - Nuveaux Traveaux
January 25 - March 1, 2008
Opening: Friday, January 25 2008, 6 - 9 pm

Daniel Buren has to be considered one of the „living legends“ in contemporary art. For more than 30 years he established a „visual vocabulary“ of uniform 8.7 cm wide coloured and white stripes as being the central features of his conceptual works and site specific installations in public space and in numerous art institutions. The coloured stripes Buren refers to as „seeing tools“ are implemented in textiles, flags, wall paintings, painted objects, posters or light boxes. Whether on show in museums or presented in public, Buren’s signature works are made „in situ“ analysing and involving the environment characteristics of the respective situation.

Daniel Buren – who received one of the most prestigious awards in the art world in 2007: the Praemium Imperiale – introduces new works at Konrad Fischer Galerie including large-format wall installations based on polyangular forms and mirrors. By installing coloured jag-like objects and mirror walls the effect upon the beholder is enforced in many ways. The grid pattern of the works has been – as usual – designed directly within the spatial context of the the gallery.

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