Konrad Fischer

Manfred Pernice

09 Mar - 21 Apr 2012

Peilsache ́Villa ́, Karnia
9 March - 21 April, 2012

Konrad Fischer Gallery in Berlin is pleased to announce the exhibition ‚Peilsache ‚Villa’, Karnia’ by Manfred Pernice in our upstairs exhibition space.

In contrast to direction finding as a strictly scientific method of localization, Manfred Pernice uses the term "direction finding" to describe an artistic concept which has been characterized by Klaus Gölz: „By contrast, Pernice’s direction finding is more a taking stock of a locality. For him a direction finder is a place that is somehow determinable, a position on a map through which vectors of attention can be drawn. If one of these vectors meets with an object, it then becomes the subject of a piece of work and is thus examinated more closely. (...) The whole thing is an apparently simple method, effectively connecting relationships between things in a lyrical way (as in the case of rhyming couplests), things that would otherwise never be connected other than in Pernice’s tracking beam. (...) His direction finding is apparently an indecisive groping born of doubt in a deconstructed world, a disillusioned attempt, to rediscover a vague „kind of actual order“ (Art Ist-Zustand) by dropping the emergency anchor in arbitrariness. „Position fixing successful, we are somewhere or other.“

Within the plethora of diverse material one finds in Pernice’s installations the context or fixed position tends to dilute rather quickly. Not that such a dissolution would feel in any way tragic when encountering one of Pernice’s works – on the contrary this can be experienced as the right state of aggregation, maybe comparable to other experiences and assessments of a subject. Every subject has to understand itself as central in order to create its own consciousness and does this through all kinds of references (even if they are volatile, fragmentary or ‚wrong’) which then can be either perpetuated or displaced. In this case the subjective place is a small village in the mountains, Villa di Verzegnis, close to Tolmezzo. Invited by a collector who lives in the village, Manfred Pernice prepares himself for a conceivable, concrete work with this exhibition.

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