Konsthall Malmö

Rivane Neuenschwander

11 Sep - 14 Nov 2010


September 11 - November 14, 2010

Rivane Neuenschwander’s solo exhibition at Malmö Konsthall will be the first in northern Europe that fully explores one of the most interesting Brazilian artists today and most poetic voices on the contemporary art scene. She investigates themes of language, movement and consumption.

The turning point in Neuenschwander’s approach and work is a search for the gentle beauty and wonders of the natural world. The works have at times included animals such as fishes, parrots or ants; but culinary spices, garlic skins, dust and coconut water are also part of the artist’s 'palette'. Exploring nature’s hidden and often chaotic logic, Neuenschwander has created a diverse and intimate body of work mapping and charting this evolving terrain.

At Malmö Konsthall Neuenschwander will present both old and new works, including site-specific installations, photographs, paintings and films. She has in her work At a certain distance (Ex-Votos) chosen and copied 15 existing Ex-Votos paintings – but without their figures and texts; so that only the architectural backdrop is painted. Ex-Voto is a votive offering to a saint, a tradition mostly known from the catholic religion.

The large scale installation Palatable Digressions is created specifically for Malmö Konsthall’s nearly 50 metres long skylight. Neuenschwander has constructed a diagonal made out of 56 polycarbonate sheets stretching from the floor to the skylight. The polycarbonate sheets are filled with different spices or powdered foods. The architectural intervention in the space is minimal in its structure, but at the same time very present both through colour and smell.

Another new installation invites the visitors to participate in the work and create words in a scrabble-like word-game. The installation consists of approximately 400 empty eggs, each containing a letter inside, which only is visible once put against a light source. You are invited to play and build ‘invisible’ words or sentences with the eggs. In her works Neuenschwander makes architecture and language visible, and brings it into a new state of visuality.

Welcome to the opening Friday, September 10, 7-9 p.m! Director Jacob Fabricius introduces the exhibition at 7.30 p.m.

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