Linus Riepler

Left Behind

03 Feb - 04 Mar 2017

Linus Riepler - Left Behind, installation view
Left Behind
3 February – 4 March 2017

Following My neighbour is my clock (Galerie im Parterre, 2011) and Aussichten und Einsichten (Parallel, Vienna, 2016), Linus Riepler’s Left Behind is his third solo show now taking place in collaboration with the Galerie Krinzinger.

The reconstruction of sites or situations plays an eminent role in Linus Riepler’s pieces, often serving as a point of departure in his work. His large installations are comparable to stage-like scenes that are supposed to be directly experienced by the viewer. Here one finds allusions to, and associations with, stories. While with My neighbour is my clock and Aussichten und Einsichten Linus Riepler led the viewer into worlds of their own with a strongly participatory character, in Left Behind we find a game that combines concrete narration with museum presentation. In place of a space that can be entered, there are now models, showcases and displays behind glass. The point of departure in each story is defined by a found piece on which Riepler constructs a narrative that draws on various media and genres (comic, drawing, sculpture, video, animation...) A significant role is also played by the site where it is found, which is reconstructed by means of a model. Optical distortions, as in a snapshot, are used to reinforce the impression of an instantaneous photograph.

Riepler’s characteristic pictorial idiom becomes extremely powerful when employed in this almost ironical story of an object. Dioramas, childhood fantasies and personal found objects come to mind, all of which could serve as proxies of an idea of something experienced oneself. Even though these newer pieces are not always geared to interaction, they, along with his installations that can be entered by the visitor, are modeled after historical show booths and the early moving image but also extend to film.

Linus Riepler was born 1984 in Vöcklabruck, lives and work in Vienna. 2004 – 2009 studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts (07 – 09 with Manfred Pernice, 04 – 06 with Gunter Damisch) and at the Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerpen (B)

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