curated by_Matthew Higgs

06 May - 06 Jun 2009

© Eileen Quinlan
Night Flight #8, 2008
UV-laminated chromogenic print mounted on Sintra
40 x 30 inches, Edition of 4/5 + AP
Photography: Courtesy Miguel Abreu Gallery, New York
curated by_Matthew Higgs



'Correspondences' is a series of five discrete two-person exhibitions that each takes the form of a cross-generational 'conversation' between artists and artworks. Over the past decade or so, inter-generational approaches to exhibition making have become more widespread. (Catherine David's influential Documenta X in 1997 was perhaps a defining moment, in which she introduced a series of idiosyncratic historical artistic positions into her exhibition through what she termed 'retro-perspectives.') Since then both artists and curators have accelerated and amplified this dialogue, seeking to establish and explore a more complex lineage (and progeny) for current artistic production.

The five individual exhibitions that comprise 'Correspondences' differ significantly from one another. Variously they consider photography's self-reflexive and mimetic dimension (Janice Guy and Anne Collier); the impact and legacy of the modernist project on post-war American photography (Jan Groover and Eileen Quinlan); the formal and psychological rupture inherent in collage (Rita Ackermann and John Stezaker); the figure of the artist as performer and the artwork as a form of performative document (Karl Holmqvist and Christopher Knowles); and the everyday poetics of a kind of informal formalism (Noam Rappaport and B. Wurtz.)

The ten artists in 'Correspondences' do not represent a tendency or movement. Distinguished by age, experience, and intentions their works have evolved independently and have been produced in highly specific contexts. Each exhibition - each pairing or juxtaposition - privileges points of departure as much as shared concerns. The intention ultimately is not to establish a form of equivalence, rather the hope is that in considering the spaces between each artist and work -differences informed by the individual artist's origins and intentions - a new conversation might emerge. 'Correspondences' - as the exhibition's title suggests - is intended as an unfolding and ongoing exchange, one that underscores the persistent flux in which ideas both emerge and evolve.


rita ackermann, anne collier, jan groover, janice guy, karl holmqvist, christopher knowles, eileen quinlan, noam rappaport, john stezaker,
b. wurtz

Artists at Krobath:

Jan Groover, born 1943 in Plainfield, New Jersey. Living and working in Montpon, France.

Solo Exhibitions (Selection): 2008 Janet Borden, Inc., New York. 2006 Musee de Perigueux, France. 2005 Permanent Collection Room, The Museum of Modern Art, New York. 2001 Janet Borden, Inc., New York. 1990 Vintage Color Triptychs, Janet Borden, Inc. New York. 1989 Kitchen Still Lifes, Schick Art Gallery.
Group Exhibitions (Selection): 2009 curated by_Matthew Higgs: Correspondences - Jan Groover, Eileen Quinlan, Krobath, Vienna. 1999, Under Construction, Milwaukee Art Museum. 1998 Defining Eye: Women Photographers of the 20th Century, The Saint Louis Art Museum. 1988 Robert Cumming, Lee Friedlander, Jan Groover: Three on Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Life like, Lorence Monk Gallery, New York City, Second Isreali Photography Biennale.

Eileen Quinlan, born 1972 in Boston. Living and working in Brooklyn, New York.

Solo Exhibitions (Selection): 2009 The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, Downtime, Overduin and Kite, Los Angeles. 2008 Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne, Overduin & Kite, Los Angeles, Fahrenheit and Stone Roses, Sutton Lane, Paris. 2007 Photographs, Miguel Abreu Gallery, New York. 2006 Eileen Quinlan, Sutton Lane, London.
Group Exhibitions (Selection): 2009 curated by_Matthew Higgs: Correspondences - Jan Groover, Eileen Quinlan, Krobath, Vienna. 2008 Not so Subtitle, Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York, From Brooklyn With Love, Parker’s Box Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, Update, White Columns, New York, Untitled (Vicarious), Gagosian Gallery, New York, Gallery Update, White Columns, New York. 2007 Regroup, Miguel Abreu Gallery, New York, Patrick Hill, Eileen Quinlan and Florian Schmidt, Galerie Kosak Hall, Vienna, Endless Summer, westlondonprojects, London, Dialog #1: Puzzled, Elena Pankova & Eileen Quinlan, curated by Matthew Higgs, White Columns, New York.

Tags: Rita Ackermann, Anne Collier, Catherine David, Lee Friedlander, Matthew Higgs, Patrick Hill, Karl Holmqvist, Christopher Knowles, Elena Pankova, Eileen Quinlan, Noam Rappaport, Florian Schmidt, John Stezaker, B. Wurtz