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Well Made

In praise of the creative process

21 Jan - 17 Apr 2017

In praise of the creative process
21 January - 17 April 2017

In 2017 leading Dutch art journal Kunstschrift celebrates its 40th anniversary.
In 2017 leading Dutch art journal Kunstschrift celebrates its 40th anniversary – good reason for Kunsthal KAdE to join with the magazine in mounting an exhibition about the fascinating ways by which works of art have been created over the centuries. The exhibition reflects that interest by presenting an amazing range of artworks that throw particular light on materials and techniques, craftsmanship, ideation and studio practice.

Tribute to the creative process
First and foremost, therefore, ‘Well Made’ will be a tribute to the creative process. Many different aspects of that process, such as inspiration, craftsmanship, materials, techniques and the intimate relationship between head and hand, will be examined on the basis of paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and films from various countries, movements and periods in Western art history.

Artist at work
The focus in the main exhibition area will be on the essence of the matter: the artist at work. The creator in his/her studio, as recorded in paintings, films and photographs. Nine contemporary Dutch artists will exhibit their work in this area and will talk about their working processes in a series of lectures. Eelco Brand (NL, 1969) | Henk van den Bosch (NL, 1960) | Marcel van Eeden (NL, 1965) | Ruud van Empel (NL, 1958) | Jan Hamstra (NL, 1993) | Heringa/Van Kalsbeek (NL, 1966 / NL, 1962) | Jan Koen Lomans (NL, 1978) | Jacobien de Rooij (NL, 1947) | Simon Schrikker (NL, 1973).
At the heart of the displays, there will be an installation by artist Patty Struik giving visual expression to the various stages of her working process: inspiration, thinking in images, free association, dreaming and creating connections.

Myths and legends
The displays in the side rooms will use myths and legends to explore the origins of art: Pygmalion for the urge to create a living, breathing statue, Butades for the genesis of painting, Icarus for the conquest of the heavens, Apelles and Zeuxis for the power of optical illusion, and Prometheus as a teacher and inventor who succeeded in breathing life into a lump of clay. The works on show will allude, directly or otherwise, to the meaning of these myths and legends. Artist Niek Hendrix will create installations to accompany them.

The next part of the exhibition will focus on the issue of completion. Over time, numerous works of art have been left unfinished. There are many different reasons for this: the inability of the artist, conflicts with clients, political changes, or the death of the maker. Such works have much to tell us about creative processes prior to completion. Moreover, their lack of finish often gives them a beauty all their own. And when is an artwork ‘finished’ anyway? Ideas about that have changed over time.

Do it yourself
The exhibition space will include a studio where visitors can try their own hands and where master classes and workshops will be held.

Dutch Masters
The projection space will be used to show ‘Dutch Masters of the 21st Century’: a series of films by well-known directors in which major Dutch artists of our time are seen talking about their work. This rare glimpse behind the scenes will offer insight into the artists and their working methods, use of materials and ideas about art.
Participating artists & filmmakers

August Allebé (NL, 1838-1927) | Dan Asher (US, 1947-2010) | Gérard Audran (FR, 1640-1703) | John Baldessari (US, 1931) | Stephan Balkenhol (DE, 1957) | Charles Barque (FR, 1826/27-1883) | Francesco Bartolozzi (IT, 1727-1815)| Anthon Beeke (NL, 1940) | Matthias van Beveren (BE,1620-1696) | Johannes Bosboom (NL, 1817-1891) | Henk van den Bosch (NL, 1960) | John Bock (DE, 1965) | Abraham Bosse (FR, 1602/04-1676) | Eelco Brand (NL, 1969) | Mattheus Ignatius van Bree (BE, 1773-1839) | Jacob van Campen (NL, 1596-1657) | Albert Caullet (BE, 1875-1950) | Joost Conijn (NL, 1971) | Kees van Dongen (NL, 1877-1968) | Stan Douglas (CA, 1960) | Albrecht Dürer (DE, 1471-1528) | Marcel van Eeden (NL, 1965) | Ger van Elk (NL, 1941-2014) | Ruud van Empel (NL, 1958) | Étienne-Maurice Falconet (CH, 1716-1791) | Willem de Famars Testas (NL, 1834-1896) | Hans Peter Feldmann (DE, 1941) | Edgar Fernhout (NL, 1912-1974) | Simon Fokke (NL, 1712-1784) | Frans Franciscus (NL, 1959) | Guido Geelen (NL, 1961) | Tolga Girgin (TR, 1981) | Jacques Louis Godineau (BE, 1811-1873) | Hendrick Goltzius (BE, 1558-1617) | Zohar Gotesman (IL, 1979) | David Groot (NL, 1949) | Jan Hamstra (NL, 1993) | Duane Hanson (US, 1925-1998) | Claire Harvey (UK, 1976) | Henriette Heise (DK, 1965) | Niek Hendrix (NL, 1985) | Heringa/Van Kalsbeek (NL, 1966 / NL, 1962) | W.B. van Heusden (NL, 1896-1982) | Teun Hocks (NL, 1947) | Cor Hund (NL, 1915-2008) | John Kacere (US, 1920-1999) | Dick Ket (NL, 1902-1940) | Micha Klein (NL, 1964) | Axel van der Kraan (NL, 1949) en Helena van der Kraan (PL, 1940) | Romy Joya Kuldip Singh (NL, 1993) | Friedrich Kunath (DE, 1974) | Gerard de Lairesse (BE, 1641-1711) | Birthe Leemeijer (NL, 1972) | Couzijn van Leeuwen (NL, 1959) | Jan Koen Lomans (NL, 1978) | Adriaan Johannes Madiol (NL, 1845-1927) | Mark Manders (NL, 1968) | Matthijs Maris (NL, 1839-1917) | James McArdell (IE, 1729?–1765) | Atelier W. Mengelberg | Meester van Koudewater (NL, 2e helft van de 15e eeuw) | Cornelis van der Meulen (NL, 1642-1691) | Ugo Mulas (IT,1928-1973) | Emmanuel Jean Nepomucene de Ghendt (BE, 1738-1815) | Martijn van Nieuwenhuyzen (NL,1958) | David Oyens (NL 1842-1902) | Panamarenko (BE, 1940) | Bernard Picart (FR 1673-1733 | Sascha Pohle (DE, 1972) | Paulus Pontius (BE, 1603-1658) | Jos van Riswick (NL, 1973) | Suze Robertson (NL, 1855-1922) | Jacobien de Rooij (NL, 1947) | Martha Rosler (US, 1943) | Ary Scheffer (NL 1795-1858) | Hermann Scherer (DE 1893 – 1927) | Simon Schrikker (NL, 1973) | Martine Stig (NL, 1972) | Johannes Stradanus (BE, 1523-1605) | Patty Struik (NL, 1962) | Joseph-Benoit Suvée (BE, 1743-1807) | Charley Toorop (NL, 1891-1955) | Patrick Van Caeckenbergh (BE, 1960) | Kees Verwey (NL, 1900-1995) | Carel Visser (NL, 1928, -2015) | Joos Vincent de Vos (BE,1829–1875) | Elisabeth Geertruida Wassenbergh (NL, 1729-1781) | Hendrike Louise Wesseling (NL, 1914-1995) | Willem Wits (NL, 1989) | W.A. Witsen (NL, 1860-1923) | Sol LeWitt (US, 1928-2007) | Hendrik Jan Wolter (NL, 1873-1952) | Yin Xunzhi (CH, 1968) | Jan van der Zee (NL, 1898-1988)

Hans Cürlis (DE, 1889-1982) | Rudolf Evenhuis /Joost Verhey /Eugene van den Bosch (NL) | Paul Falkenberg (DE, 1903-1986) | Paul Haesaerts (BE, 1901-1974) | filmmakers Hollandse Meesters | Derek Jarman (UK, 1942-1994) | Sherman De Jesus (CW, 1947) | John Lasseter (US, 1957) | Charles Matton (FR, 1931-2008) | Agnes Merlet (FR, 1959) | Vincente Minelli (US, 1903-1986) | Hans Namuth (DE, 1915-1990) | Bruno Nuytten (FR, 1945) | Pier Paolo Pasolini (IT, 1922-1975) | Jacques Rivette (FR, 1928-2016) | Julian Schnabel (US, 1951) | Joost Verhey (NL, 1950) | Jan Vrijman (NL, 1925-1997)

In place of a catalogue, the exhibition will be accompanied by a special anniversary issue of Kunstschrift entitled Goed gemaakt, een ode aan het maakproces. On sale, price € 10.75, in the KAdE Shop, all good bookshops and via www.kunstschrift.nl.

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