Kunsthalle Bremen

Andreas Slominski

25 Jan - 27 Apr 2014

© Andreas Slominski
Plakatmotiv zur Ausstellung in der Kunsthalle Bremen 2014
Works from the Collection of Bärbel and Manfred Holtfrerich
25 January - 27 April 2014

The starting point of this exhibition is the permanent loan from the collection of Bärbel and Manfred Holtfreich who have acquired works by the artist since 1986. It includes small-sized works, editions, sculptures and graphic works from all phases of the artist's work.
In addition to animal traps that can be seen as a leitmotif in Andreas Slominski's work, the exhibition presents numerous works of the last twenty years: the “Viennese Black”, extravagantly produced from the femur of a Lipizzaner horse; or the flatbread stamped by using a football boot. A bucket of water is filled via a complex system of pipes running through the rooms of the museum. An oddly shaped stove follows in its construction the contours of his fuel (forked branches).
Andreas Slominski’s work explores in surprising ways social connections, power relationships and pseudoactivities. Many works are also readable as examples of re- and "up"cycling. The “Viennese Black” is pigment and urn, the beginning and the end.
The exhibition was developed in close collaboration with the artist and the collectors.

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