Kunsthalle Bremen

Sarah Morris

26 Oct 2013 - 31 Dec 2017

Jardim Botânico [Rio]
26 October 2013

The American artist and filmmaker Sarah Morris (* 1967) has created a monumental, panoramic mural for the central entrance hall of the Kunsthalle Bremen. Jardim Botânico [Rio] ("Botanical Garden'') is related to the artist`s new series of works entitled Rio but also reacts to the architecture of the museum. The spectacular installation combines luminous colours and abstract grid structures with rectangular and curved forms to form a spectacular environment. The numerous layers of brilliant pigments and household enamels give rise to visual rhythms as well as to tactile, almost relief-like structures.

Morris works in the tradition of geometrical painting of modernism as well as of the 1960s with marked references to the oeuvre of Piet Mondrian, the American color field painters, Op Art and Victor Vasarely. She continues this tradition creatively into the future and instils new life into a reduced formal language through her dynamic, intensively colourful compositions. But with the shiny colours of her striking paintings and murals the artist also reflects critically on the illusionary world of Hollywood film and the surface aesthetics of glossy magazines, fashion and advertising.

The exhibition has been realised with the generous support of the Supporters` Circle for Contemporary Art in the Kunstverein Bremen and the Bremer Landesbank.

Tags: Piet Mondrian, Sarah Morris, Victor Vasarely