Kunsthalle Bremen

What Do YOU See?

11 Nov 2014 - 09 Aug 2015

Photo: Kerstin Rolfes
An Exhibition of Discovery for Everyone from the Age of One
11 November 2014 - 9 August 2015

“You call this art?” or “I could do that too!” are two exclamations which can often be heard in response to abstract or non-objective art. Rightly so? Young children in particular have an unprejudiced point of view and approach such works of art without reservations and fear of contact. They allow themselves to be guided by the play of colours and traces which they can follow in these works of art.
This situation is taken up by a gallery space which is being specially designed for children and families. The exhibition conveys diverse insights and approaches to works of art in which the amorphous and strongly abstracted interplay of form and colour play a predominant role. Visitors to the museum will be surprised by the selection of works. On display will not only be representatives of Modernism, such as Johannes Itten, or of the Informel movement, such as Emil Schumacher, but also pictures from the Renaissance, the Baroque era and the nineteenth century which cause amazement through the abstract forms they contain.
The exhibition is being prepared as part of a new cooperation between the Kunsthalle and KiTa Bremen (day care center) which allows, since November 2013, children from twenty kindergartens and day-care centres to visit the museum. With pedagogical guidance from the museum, the children engage in an active encounter with non-objective or abstract art in an intuitive and creative manner. Their favourite pictures from our collection and their associative responses to them will find a place in the display. “What do YOU See?” is supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation as an ongoing outreach concept by the initiative “Art and Games”.

Tags: Johannes Itten, Emil Schumacher