Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

Sabrina Podemski

Need for Speed

18 Mar - 29 May 2022

© Sabrina Podemski

Curated by Katharina Bruns

Sabrina Podemski’s artworks meander between pop culture and speculative politics. She creates visual scenarios and montages whose individual elements might not belong together originally, nor do they necessarily enter into a pleasing symbiosis in the final presentation. Instead, in her works the artist focuses on staged expansions of space and images which have a transmedial and interdisciplinary interest in image production based on analogue and digital media, with clear references to spatial and temporal dimensions.

Sabrina Podemski has created a collage for the wall of the parking garage, whose subject matter functions like a module of a construction kit. Based on the visual strategies of conceptual painting, the large-scale collage forms the background and stage for the stainless-steel works mounted on it, which appear to oscillate between handrails and the manifolds of tuned race cars. The mural functions as a metaphor for high-performance engines, and its tuning aesthetic evokes associations with the sounds of engines.

The work Need for Speed refers to the constant acceleration of social, technological, and capitalist processes and manifests the condition of a future-oriented thinking. The tarnished steel points to the heat or overheating caused by acceleration and a condition in the here and now—in short, to the rebellion of a future or a tuned present.

Sabrina Podemski studied painting, sculpture, and stage design at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, became a master class student of Katharina Grosse in 2018, and graduated in 2021 under Rita McBride and Thomas Scheibitz. She does theoretical research on the phenomenon of the stream.

Tags: Constant, Katharina Grosse, Rita McBride, Thomas Scheibitz