Kunsthalle Wien

Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2015

27 Nov 2015 - 17 Jan 2016

27 November 2015 - 17 January 2016

Curator: Lucas Gehrmann

A project of Kunsthalle Wien in co-operation with the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

In her installation Thin Dream, Karina Mendreczky transfers the transitory aspect of a fictional landscape to an image of light and shadow, made of transparent set pieces depicting the natural world and projected drawings, which appear realistically spatial and at the same time ephemeral. Silhouettes of trees, cut from acrylic sheets, contain drawings carved with an etching needle. They are projected onto the back wall of the scene by small spotlights, where they create the impression of real, large-format drawings. With this approach, Thin Dream opens up a broad spectrum of potential associations and subjects for the beholder.

Ukraine-born Anastasiya Yarovenko is concerned with the body’s relationship to societal structures and behaviours, to space and surroundings. In her installation Mimicry she attempts, in her own words, “to assemble a selection of objects, which do not in themselves represent any definitive state, but do however possess the potential to interact with their observers or their environment”. These objects consist on the one hand of collapsible (and thus portable) furniture-like elements and seemingly totally non-functional black sculptures made of light materials, which are leaned against the wall or hung from the ceiling. All of these objects fit together into a single portable case, and thus can be transported from one (living) place to another.

Karina Mendreczky (born 1988 in Budapest) studied graphic and print arts at the University of Applied Arts Vienna with Sigbert Schenk and Jan Svenungsson (diploma). In 2014/2015 she pursued a Bachelor of Arts for Print & Time-Based Media at Wimbledon College of Arts in London. Since 2013, she has participated in exhibitions in Austria and the United Kingdom.

Anastasiya Yarovenko (born 1983 in Tula/RUS) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with Amelie von Wulffen, Silke Otto-Knapp, Henning Bohl and Kirsi Mikkola (diploma). In 2015 she was a participant in the School of Kyiv Biennale 2015 and the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.

Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2015

The Kunsthalle Wien Prize was established in 2002 in co-operation with the University of Applied Arts Vienna and has since been awarded twelve times. In 2015, it is being presented for the first time to one graduate of each of Vienna’s art academies.

The prize includes an exhibition in Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz as well as prize money in the amount of 3,000 euros for each artist.

To accompany the exhibition, two catalogues containing interviews with the artists and texts written by jury members will be published by Sternberg Press Berlin.

The jury in 2015 consisted of: Nicolaus Schafhausen and Lucas Gehrmann (Kunsthalle Wien), who participated in both selection processes, as well as Rector Gerald Bast and Bärbel Vischer for the University of Applied Arts Vienna and Mona Hahn, Erwin Bohatsch and Hemma Schmutz for the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Tags: Erwin Bohatsch, Henning Bohl, Kirsi Mikkola, Nicolaus Schafhausen, Amelie von Wulffen