Kunsthalle Zürich

Jacqueline Fraser

12 Dec 2020 - 02 May 2021

Jacqueline Fraser, Kunsthalle Zürich, 2020-2021. Courtesy of the artist, photo: Annik Wetter
For her first institutional exhibition in Switzerland, Jacqueline Fraser (*1956, New Zealand) presents a new site specific installation at Kunsthalle Zürich. It is the latest in a series of works, begun in 2011, that propose fictional remakes of arthouse and Hollywood films. In these, the premise and visual language of a select film is dismantled and reimagined. Fraser re-directs: using discarded fabric, torn magazines, party paraphernalia, plastics, veneers, tinsels, overlapping soundtracks and projections, she re-casts, re-scores and re-costumes the cinematic template as deconstructed storyboard.

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