Kunsthaus Bregenz

Ulrike Müller

21 May - 24 Jun 2012

Ulrike Müller
Installation view KUB Arena, Kunsthaus Bregenz
Photo: Markus Tretter
© Kunsthaus Bregenz
Herstory Inventory: 100 Feminist Drawings by 100 Artists
21 April - 24 June 2012

100 participating artists
A. K. Burns, A. L. Steiner, Adriana Minoliti, Alhena Katsof, Allyson Mitchell, Amy Linton, Amy Sillman, Ann Cvetkovich, Anni Viinikainen, B. E. Wiest, Barbara Eichhorn, Carola Dertnig, Carrie Yamaoka, Cauleen Smith, Celeste Dupuy-Spencer, Chitra Ganesh, Chris Castillo, Cristina Gómez Barrio, Dawn Kasper, Dean Daderko, Edie Fake, Elke Krystufek, Emily Roysdon, Erika Vogt, Faith Wilding, Fiona Rukschcio, Fox Hysen, Gabriela Santiago, Georgia Sydney Lassner, Ginger Brooks Takahashi und Dana Bishop-Root, Gregg Bordowitz, Guadalupe Rosales, Hans Scheirl, Iris Andraschek, Jamie Chan, JD Samson, Jennifer Montgomery, Jibz Cameron, Jocelyn Davis, Johanna und Mona Gustavsson, Johanna Kirsch, Jonah Groeneboer, Joy Episalla, Julie Evanoff, K8 Hardy, Kate Huh, Katherine Hubbard, Kathleen Hanna, Keltie Ferris, Kim Kelly, Lee Maida, Lee Relvas, Leidy Churchman, Leigh Ruple, Lily Benson, Linda Bilda, Linda Stillman, Lisa Ulik, Litia Perta, Louise Fishman, Lovett & Codagnone, Lucy Dodd, Malin Arnell, Marget Long, Maria Gafarova, Mariah Garnett, Marie-Thérèse Escribano, Marlene McCarty, Math Bass, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Michaela Mélian, Michele Araujo, Michelle Dizon, Mitra Wakil, Monica Jane Peck, Moyra Davey, MPA, Myriam Lanau, Nancy Brooks Brody, Nicole Eisenman, Onya Hogan-Finlay, Pam Lins, Patricia Reschenbach, R. H. Quaytman, Ricarda Denzer, Robert Bordo, Robin Hustle, Sadie Benning, Sam Miller, Samara Davis, Shelly Silver, Simone Bader, Sowon Kwon, Suzanne Wright, Tara Mateik, Taylor Davis, Terrilynn Quick, Therese Roth, Travis Boyer, Ulrike Müller, Wolfgang Mayer, Wu Tsang, Wynne Greenwood, Xylor Jane, Zoe Leonard.

Ulrike Müller works with a wide range of media in different contexts. On the basis of conceptual practices she engages with the sociopolitical potential of artistic activity through drawing, painting, video, sound works, and performance. A central interest is her exploration of the ambivalences of contemporary gender constructions beyond binary categorizations of identity such as man/woman, hetero/homo.
Her project Herstory Inventory, being presented for the first time at the KUB Arena, dates back to when, conducting research at the Lesbian Herstory Archives (Brooklyn, New York), the artist found an inventory list of T-shirts present in the collection. Müller subsequently invited 100 internationally known artists to translate into new pictures the lovingly detailed descriptions of the pictures and graphic elements on the T-shirts written by a volunteer at the archives.
Against the backdrop of the history of the movement, drawing becomes an act of political engagement with the historical insignia, symbols, and positions of US lesbian feminist discourse. In a wide range of styles, formats, and problematizations, the pictorial translations of the texts enact personal attitudes toward historical feminist imagery, confronting them with their queer feminist rethinking. At the same time, the drawings by artists like Amy Sillman, Linda Bilda, Cristina Gómez Barrio, and R.H. Quaytman give insight into artistic strategies of representational politics and formal invention.

Ulrike Müller’s invitation to rethink images from the history of lesbian feminism turns the inventory of the Lesbian Herstory Archives into a source and reference point for a wealth of artistic designs. The process of appropriating, processing, and translating the source material into new drawings generates pictures that point to the mutability and oscillation of queer identities rather than solidifying into a closed pictorial representation. In her project’s presentation in the KUB Arena, individual and collective gestures interweave and challenge us to think creative action also in relation to sociopolitical issues.
After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Ulrike Müller took part in the Whitney Independent Study Program (2002–2003) and the PS1 International Studio Program (2003–2004) and has since taught at various universities in the USA. In addition to her participation in numerous international exhibitions, she represented Austria at the Cairo Biennale in 2010 with a new series of enamel works.

Tags: Iris Andraschek, Math Bass, Sadie Benning, Robert Bordo, Gregg Bordowitz, Leidy Churchman, Lovett / Codagnone, Moyra Davey, Carola Dertnig, Barbara Eichhorn, Nicole Eisenman, Keltie Ferris, Louise Fishman, Chitra Ganesh, Wynne Greenwood, K8 Hardy, Xylor Jane, Alhena Katsof, Elke Krystufek, Sowon Kwon, Zoe Leonard, Pam Lins, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Marlene Mccarty, Michaela Melián, Ad Minoliti, Adriana Minoliti, Ulrike Müller, R.H. Quaytman, R. H. Quaytman, Emily Roysdon, Hans Scheirl, Amy Sillman, A.L. Steiner, Al Taylor, Wu Tsang, Erika Vogt