Kunsthaus Graz

Landscape in Motion

13 Mar - 26 Oct 2015

Cinematic Visions of an Uncertain Tomorrow
13 March - 26 October 2015

In cooperation with Camera Austria, Diagonale 2015 and the Austrian Film Museum.

Curated by: Peter Pakesch and Katrin Bucher Trantow

Landscape takes place. According to Lucius Bruckhardt, it is not the mere appearance of the environment, it is also a structure which we only perceive with the help of our pictorial memory. The architect and ‘strollologist’ thus refers to a perception of landscape which can be understood in pictorial sequences – the filmic perspective, located in time, maintains that distance to landscape needed to perceive it.

In fact we can hardly imagine these days looking at the landscape without the ‘eye’ of the camera. Alone the view of our planet from space, which shaped our consciousness following the first photograph of our globe from the moon, changed permanently our dealings with landscape: from this perspective we perceive earth as a landscape that has been recorded, tamed and appropriated by man as territory. Its definitive finiteness and the ongoing change in resources, e.g. in agricultural land, are radically brought to our attention day in, day out with the help of the camera.

Using the example of pioneering works from the 1960s, the exhibition Landscape in Motion shows that landscape is a term that is subject to continuous change in the human mind. Film plays an essential role in this – as the prerequisite for capturing the reality of landscape, but also as a kind of catalyst that fundamentally influences these processes of perception.

With works by Darren Almond, Rosa Barba, James Benning, Ursula Biemann, Lucius Burckhardt, Leo Calice und Gerhard Treml, Center for Land Use Interpretation, Tacita Dean, Marine Hugonnier, Mathias Kessler, Markus Jeschaunig, Armin Linke, Lukas Marxt, David Nez, Walter Niedermayr, Qiu Anxiong, Ed Ruscha, Klaus Schafler, Allan Sekula, Robert Smithson, Shi Guorui, Michael Snow, Guido van der Werve.

Tags: Darren Almond, Qiu Anxiong, Rosa Barba, James Benning, Ursula Biemann, Lucius Burckhardt, Tacita Dean, Marine Hugonnier, Mathias Kessler, Armin Linke, Walter Niedermayr, Ed Ruscha, Allan Sekula, Michael Snow, Guido van der Werve