Kunsthaus Zürich


22 Jun - 30 Jul 2017

© Marinella Senatore
Protest Bike, 2016
23 June – 30 July 2017

After the heyday of happenings and art actions in the 1960s and 1970s, a young generation of artists is revisiting the medium of performance and expressing an interest in ephemeral and processoriented forms of art. ‘Action!’ examines this phenomenon and transforms the large exhibition gallery of the Kunsthaus into an action space with live performances, works in which visitors themselves become actors, and restagings of iconic historical performances. The focus of the exhibition is very much on the live element: creating movement and making things happen, not just formally but also politically. ‘Action!’ considers the role of the museum and the history of performance, but also invites debate on pressing socio-political issues.
As befits its theme, the exhibition itself is not designed as a fixed, once-and-for-all presentation, but will instead evolve over time.

Includes works by: Mounira Al Solh (b. 1978), Francis Alÿs (b. 1959), Nina Beier (b. 1975), !Mediengruppe Bitnik, Trisha Brown (1936–2017), Tania Bruguera (b. 1968), Lucinda Childs (b. 1940) / Ruth Childs ( b. 1984), Guy Debord (1931–1994), Valie Export (b. 1940), William Forsythe (b. 1949), Simone Forti (b. 1935), Guerrilla Girls, Sharon Hayes (b. 1970), Adelita Husni-Bey (b. 1985), Florence Jung (b. 1986), Allan Kaprow (1927–2006) / San Keller (b. 1971), Georg Keller (b. 1981), Dieter Meier (b. 1945), Musée de la danse / Boris Charmatz (b. 1973) / Aernout Mik (b. 1962), Yoko Ono (b. 1933), Ahmet Ögut (b. 1981), Adrian Piper (b. 1948), Alexandra Pirici (b. 1982), Rimini Protokoll, Tracey Rose (b. 1974), Tino Sehgal (b. 1976), Marinella Senatore (b. 1977), Cally Spooner (b. 1983), Koki Tanaka (b. 1975).

Supported by Swiss Re – Partner for contemporary art, Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne, artEDU Foundation and Dr. Georg und Josi Guggenheim-Stiftung

Tags: Francis Alÿs, Nina Beier, Mediengruppe Bitnik, Trisha Brown, Tania Bruguera, Boris Charmatz, Guy Debord, Valie Export, William Forsythe, Simone Forti, Guerrilla Girls, Sharon Hayes, Allan Kaprow, San Keller, Dieter Meier, Aernout Mik, Ahmet Ögüt, Yoko Ono, Adrian Piper, Alexandra Pirici, Tracey Rose, Tino Sehgal, Marinella Senatore, Mounira Al Solh, Cally Spooner, Koki Tanaka