Kunstmuseum Bern

Meret Oppenheim

02 Jun - 08 Oct 2006

"Retrospective: An Enormously Tiny Bit of a Lot"

02 June 2006 - 08 October 2006

Meret Oppenheim (1913-1985), once scandalous muse, mysterious model and eternal myth of the surrealists, was one of the most unconventional and far-sighted artists whose creative oeuvre – painting, sculpture, poetry, drawings and design objects – represents an extremely significant contribution to the art of the 20th century.
For the exhibition famous pieces from all her different creative periods are being gathered together – alongside the legendary Breakfast in Fur from New York and other incunabula from Vienna, Paris and Stockholm, other, never-before presented articles from private collections will be included.
While Meret Oppenheim’s works forbid a formal classification, major themes with regard to content can be distinguished: the borders between, and connections with, nature and culture; man and woman; day and night; dream and reality.
Bern was Meret Oppenheim’s chosen home for over 30 years – a unique basis for this retrospective project.

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