Kunstmuseum Bonn

Thomas Huber

On The Horizon

29 Sep 2016 - 08 Jan 2017

On The Horizon
29 September 2016 - 08 January 2017

Eight years after his last extensive exhibition in North Rhine-Westphalia, Thomas Huber has developed a new, extensive chapter in his systematic pictorial instruction.
The title of the exhibition, On The Horizon, points on the one hand to the fact that for all images structured in terms of perspective, the crucial constant is the horizon as a line toward which all objects and events in the picture orient themselves. On the other hand, the horizon also serves here as the metaphor for a border that can be undercut or overstepped, and hence as an indication of the discourse which the pictures conduct about their own status.

The exhibition consists of around 90 paintings and 9 architectural models, and unfolds in nine variously interlinked chapters, four of which were conceived specifically for Bonn, with the remaining being derived from groups of works created since 2009.

A catalogue will be available from Hirmer publishers with texts by Thomas Huber and a conversation between Thomas Huber, Wolfgang Ullrich and Stephan Berg.

The exhibition has been conceived in cooperation with the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rennes, France, where it will be on display from 3 February to 14 May 2017.

With kind Support from:
Stiftung Kunst der Sparkasse in Bonn, Schweizer Kulturstiftung Pro Helvetia, LVR- Landschaftsverband Rheinland, Galerie Skopia, Genf.

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