Kunstmuseum Stuttgart


14 May - 13 Sep 2015

© Discoteca Flaming Star
Exhibition view, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, 2015
Sparda Art Prize at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart
14 May - 13 September 2015

The »Kubus« art prize was born out of a collaboration between the Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg and the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart: This year, it will be awarded for the second time to an artist with ties to the state of Baden-Württemberg. Three artists whose work displays links to music have been nominated by the well-known members of the jury. Each of them has been invited to install an exhibition in one of the Kubus’s levels.

Nevin Aladag grew up in Stuttgart and works with teenagers from different cultures: She then makes their forms of expression through music and dance the theme of her video works. Freiburg’s Peter Vogel is seen as one of the pioneers of electronic music, and he brings art and music together in his delicate interactive sculptures. The members of Discoteca Flaming Star are currently professors for intermedial design. They work in collective structures and deal with social and political phenomena in their musical performances.

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