Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

Nasan Tur

19 Sep - 13 Dec 2009

© Nasan Tur
Time for Revollusion, 2008
c-print, woodframe, plexiglas

19 September - 13 December 2009

Kunstmuseum Stuttgart's programme of exhibitions would not be complete without showcasing young artists. Three times a year, one of our rooms is transformed into a provocative and challenging experimental arena. The varying heights of the walls and the staircase joining the two storeys make for an unusual and varied setting. An assortment of artistic attitudes and art forms - paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, video art and photographs - utterly alter the room's aspect every time. The series is accompanied by publications written and designed jointly by the museum and the artists.
We would like to thank the accounting and consulting firm KPMG for their support of this project.

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