Kunstmuseum Thun

Christian Andersson

13 Jun - 16 Aug 2015

13 June - 16 August 2015

The Kunstmuseum Thun is presenting the first institutional solo exhibition of the Swedish artist Christian Andersson in Switzerland. The exhibition Legende is all about alternative interpretations of history and truth. Based on Western cultural history, Andersson shows that there is always another way of looking at the world in the interrelation between art and science.

What implications do the discovery of a three and a half million year old skull in 1974 in Ethiopia have for human history? Is the Rorschach test still important for modern medicine, and why do the inkblot images continue to fascinate artists? Where does one find the oldest “living fossils” on our planet?

The exhibition Legende at the Kunstmuseum Thun highlights Christian Andersson’s alternative views of history and truth in his art. For the artist, the assemblage of secrets from the cultural history and its questioning is the engine for his complex installations overarching various media. The artist places his large-scale works in a meticulous sequence and combines objects of modernity with elements of surrealism and psychology to make a dense ensemble. The complete work unites fragments, details and replicas of modern design or architectural icons, as well as historical documents and artefacts. Andersson’s work is a juxtaposition of historical and ca tegory-overarching issues in architecture, design, literature and popular culture of Western civilisation. In doing so, the artist questions the current notions of history and universal knowledge. The meanings, hidden contexts of meaning and references, which Andersson treats in various ways in his individual works, are almost infinite.

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