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inter/act 0: Archive of Shared Interests

12 Feb - 25 Mar 2012

12 February - 25 March, 2012

The Archive of Shared Interests is a collection and exploration of contemporary works on the topic provisional community. It includes material from the practice (catalogues, articles, videos, CDs, documents and websites) of over 30 artists, theorists and/or architects. Many of the presented positions combine different methods; the protagonists are engaged in interdisciplinary work and collaborations with different partners. The archive pools information and makes it accessible. It serves the users as a basis for scientific and practice-oriented research. The archive was launched to facilitate an exchange of knowledge and to develop a joint discussion.

"Communities" from the perspective of artists, theorists and urbanists are often used as counterpoint to the general society and its constraints, but they play a role in very different ways. Whether community is thought of as a secret place of longing or as a threat to the individual, whether as a cooperative or as a neighbourhood or as a social group, or if communities are to be dissolved, a specific artistic, architectural or theoretical concept of community initiates a resonating message to the audience each time. Specific actions are implicitly intended for the visitors, the users and the readership; the audience is revolutionised, integrated, informed, instructed, included or directed. The archive is conceived as a project on the big topic of "community", which through its differences and contradictions enables their discussion.

An additional level that is shown within the alphabetical index is a bibliography. It refers to the philosophical and theoretical background of the current discussions and artistically practical implementations.

Participating artists:

Marina Belobrovaja / Ursula Biemann / Corner College / Jeremy Deller / eggerschlatter / Finger (evolutionäre zellen) / forschungsgruppe f / Heinrich Gartentor / Hanswalter Graf / Fritz Haeg / Christina Hemauer & Roman Keller / Michael Hieslmair & Michael Zinganel / interpixel / Martin Kaltwasser & Folke Köbbeling / San Keller / Pia Lanzinger / Michaela Melián / metroZones / Peles Empire / Frédéric Post / Public Works / Alain Rappaport / raumlaborberlin / RELAX (chiarenza & hauser & co) / Oliver Ressler / Shedhalle / Erik Steinbrecher / support structure (Celine Condorelli and Gavin Wade) / Szuper Gallery /
tat ort / Jeanne van Heeswijk / Markus Weiss

Tags: Ursula Biemann, Celine Condorelli, Jeremy Deller, Peles Empire, Folke Koebberling & Martin Kaltwasser, San Keller, Michaela Melián, Oliver Ressler, Erik Steinbrecher