Kunstmuseum Thun

Profession: Farmer

12 Feb - 03 Apr 2011

A collection exhibition with guests
12 February – 3 April, 2011

Urbanisation and globalisation are a popular topic in art these days. With Profession: Farmer. A collection exhibition with guests Kunstmuseum Thun switches the perspective and highlights agriculture, as it still characterises and shapes our life and environment as in former times. The collection of Kunstmuseum Thun bears witness to the relevance agriculture also had for art until very recently. Works from our own collection form the basis of the exhibition, but are complemented by works from contemporary artists as well as by older photographic images. Particular emphasis is placed on the life and work of farmers today, 60 years back and before that, and also on questions of the visibility of agriculture.

Artists in the exhibition: Inter alia, Cuno Amiet, Peter Ammon; Max Buri; Werner Engel; Patrik Fuchs; Oliver Gemperle; Gabriela Gerber and Lukas Bardill; Tue Greenfort, Ferdinand Hodler; Bernhard Huwiler; Franz Niklaus König; Reto Leibundgut, Gottfried Matter; Ernst Ramseier, Antje Schiffers and Thomas Sprenger; Albert Schnyder; Emil Zbinden, and Arthur Zeller

Tags: Cuno Amiet, Tue Greenfort, Ferdinand Hodler