Kunstraum Innsbruck

Starke Emergenz

22 Jan - 19 Mar 2011

Starke Emergenz, exhibition view Kunstraum Innsbruck, 2011
Özlem Altin / Agnieszka Brzezanska / Daniel Egg / Eva Kotatkova / Kim Nekarda
22 January - 19 March, 2011

The term emergence refers to the development of new structures or characteristics out of the interaction of elements in a complex system. Manifestation in this case is exclusively a matter of artistic creation and not a strategy.

Invisible structures, just like in an X-ray, become accessible to visual experience. Juxtaposing artworks by five artists, the exhibition triggers an emergence of its own that waits to be explored visually.

The artists involved hail from various European cities and, through their studies and fellowships, have built an international network, spanning from Amsterdam to Warsaw and Prague, from Berlin to Vienna. With the help of photographs found or also self-made, Özlem Altin (Berlin) creates seemingly archaic scenarios of a peculiar group-dynamic energy. Agnieszka Brzezanska (Warsaw/Berlin) has visionary elements appear in videos, drawings, pictures, and photgraphs that interpret social rules of engagement in a cosmic sense. Daniel Egg (Vienna) makes linguistic structures visible photographically in an extraordinary manner, while Eva Kotatkova (Prague) visualizes everyday courses of action in models, sculptures, and drawings as nightmarish formal complexes. And Kim Nekarda (Berlin), in his paintings, has organic structures evolve into transcendental shapes.

Tags: Özlem Altin, Agnieszka Brzezanska, Eva Koťátková