Kunstverein Freiburg

Nathan Coley

18 Jan - 10 Mar 2013

© Nathan Coley
Installationsansicht Kunstverein Freiburg, 2013
Foto: Marc Doradzillo
18 January - 10 March 2013

The Exhibition of the Scottish artist Nathan Coley follows the recent realisation of his sculpture in a public space in the Rieselfeld area of Freiburg, which was opened in November 2012. At the Kunstverein Freiburg Coley will show several of his works. A collection of two series of collages with gold leaf, of which one is directly referencing a plattform in Brasilia on which the “Bandstand“ in Rieselfeld is based. A room-filling installation will guide the visitors in the exhibition hal,l where they will find the sculpture “A Place Beyond Belief“, which title is spelled as light.

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