Kunstverein Hamburg

Tal R

09 Apr - 13 Jun 2011

© Tal R
Blind date, 2009/10
Courtesy Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin
Foto: Jochen Littkemann
The Elephant Behind The Clown
9 April – 13 June, 2011

Tal R switches his medium from project to project. Although he keeps returning to traditional painting, he also makes forays into collage, sculpture, photography and drawing. The Israeli-born artist, who now lives in Copenhagen, finds inspiration everywhere – in politics, culture, art, music, comics, graffiti – and masterfully turns his subjects into brightly coloured objects, and geometric, crystalline or amorphous patterns. Tal R describes his work as “kolbojnik”, kibbutz slang for a rubbish bin where one can also dispose of cultural waste. “In any case, we are nothing more than little pieces of a much larger whole,” says Tal R in his ironic musings on society and the individual. Born in 1967 to an Israeli father and Danish mother, Tal R is wanderer between worlds, and he has a multitude of worlds at his fingertips. This alchemist of art genres will present an exhibition of new works at Kunstverein Hamburg.

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