Kunstverein Langenhagen

Der Feine Unterschied

22 Jul - 22 Sep 2013

Margaret Harisson, Captain America, 1971-1997, watercolour and graphite on paper
Kerstin Cmelka, VALIE EXPORT, Andrea Fraser, Hella Gerlach, Simone Gilges, Margaret Harisson, Klara Lidén, Sharon Hayes, Diane Nerwen, Martha Rosler, Jenni Tischer and at the chapel in Eichenpark: Franziska Nast

This group exhibition includes works by artists already active in the 1960s and 70s in the women's movement together with works by artists born in the 1970s and 80s. Thematically they negotiate the relationship of the body to space and address the use of specific forms of the female body in mass culture. What the artists have in common is that they have all organised networks and amongst other things developed action-based and performative practises and further, that they have worked across disciplines and draw on different educational backgrounds in order to experiment with hybrid forms of authorship. The question of access to public space stands alongside proposals for intimate experiential spaces, provocative displays of the feminine next to enigmatic portraits. The artists each design their own claiming of space and visual strategies.

Tags: Valie Export, Andrea Fraser, Simone Gilges, Margaret Harisson, Sharon Hayes, Klara Liden, Diane Nerwen, Martha Rosler, Jenni Tischer