Kunstverein München

Duncan Campbell

24 Jan - 08 Mar 2009

© Duncan Campbell

January 24 - March 8, 2009

Kunstverein München is pleased to present the first comprehensive institutional exhibition of Irish artist Duncan Campbell.
Duncan Campbells film- and videoworks assess the rethorics of youth and liberation movements as well as those of documentary aesthetics. Loosely combined resource material from film- and photo archives as well as on-screen animations, fusing documentary with fictive moments, build the backdrop for portraits of people and social milieus.
For Duncan Campbell the „Documentary is a peculiar form of fiction. It has the appearance of verity grounded in many of the same formal conventions of fiction – narrative drive, linear plot, and closure. Yet, the relationship between author/subject/audience is rarely investigated in the same way as it is in meta-fiction. I am striving for what Samuel Beckett terms, ‘a form that accommodates the mess’”.
Kunstverein München will for the first time present all of Duncan Campbells recent films „Bernadette“ (2008), „Sigmar“ (2008) as well as „Falls Burns Malone Fiddles“ (2003) in one exhibition.
In his work Campbell not only questions documentary aspects of the genre documentary, but also in how far "real life" characters such as Bernadette are in our post-political and post-historical present fictitious characters themselves.
Duncan Campbell (*1972 in Dublin, Irland); solo exhibitions: 2008, ICA (London), ART Statements, Art Basel 38 (Basel) Hotel Gallery (London); 2006, Lux at Lounge (London); 2005, TART Contemporary (San Francisco); group exhibitions: 2008, Elisabeth Dee Gallery (New York); 2007, Museo D'Arte Donna Regina (Neapel); 2006, Tate Britain (London); 2004, Frankfurter Kunstverein (Frankfurt am Main), Manifesta 5 European Biennale of Contemporary Art (San Sebastian).

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