Kunstverein München

James Richards

30 Jan - 22 Mar 2015

James Richards, installation view, Kunstverein München, 2015
30 January - 22 March 2015

Kunstverein München presents James Richards' first public institutional survey show in Germany. The exhibition brings together a selection of recent video works, as well as collages of moving image and a curated film programme. In conjunction they create a visual and sonic 'curve' through the Kunstverein's four interconnecting gallery spaces.

Working across video, sound and installation, Richards’ artistic practice embodies the role of curator, editor and archivist. He uses found, borrowed and self generated material as an expressive and highly personal form of collage. Richards' often channels other artistic voices through his work too, such as those of Julia Heyward, Stuart Marshall, Stephen Sutcliffe, Michael Curran and Stuart Baker whose films he has curated into his installation.

Richards is often considered as belonging to a generation of artists who work under conditions determined by an increasingly digitalized dissemination of artistic practice, in which the storage, recall and reworking of information is continuous and fluid. Accordingly, his work posesses a certain contingent and improvised quality, wherby materials are collected over time and re-assembled for different pieces, contexts or audiences.

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