Kunstverein München

Keren Cytter

29 Jan - 27 Mar 2011

Keren Cytter
Still from Repulsion
© Pilar Corrias Gallery
The Hottest Day of the Year
29 January - 27 March, 2011

In a modern society in which every sense of reality and memory is controlled by visual impulse, it is the Berlin based artist Keren Cytter (*1977, Tel Aviv) that describes a human emotion that is controlled by scripted archetypes and visual references. It is this language that continues to inspire the artist as well as her audience, offering a powerful juxtaposition between a visual and a scripted worldview.

Keren Cytter has become a key player within a young generation of contemporary artists that freely cross the borders of disciplines and genres. After her first German debut she has produced a large number of art-video's, feature films, novels, poetry and a dance production that is currently touring through Europe and America. However, because Cytter is known to produce a new work every time she is invited for a show, one rarely has the chance to access her complete oeuvre. Furthermore, even though her international acclaim grew strongly over the last years she has never had a comprehensive exhibition in Germany again.

It is therefore a unique and, in fact, a long overdue occasion that a show is organized that looks back into the recent evolution in Cytter's oeuvre, providing ample proof of the diversity of her practice and its impressive quantity.

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