Kunstverein München

Willem de Rooij

19 Feb - 15 Apr 2012

Willem de Rooij, Crazy Repelled Firelight Friedrich Petzel Gallery, 2011 Image courtesy of Friedrich Petzel Gallery. Photo: Photographic Services
19 February – 15 April, 2012

The basic texture of woven fabric is produced by the repeated intersection of threads which run in two different directions. Dutch artist Willem de Rooij (*1969) has taken this structural polarity as a starting point for an investigation of abstract concepts such as opposition, contrast, transition, and nuance. In his solo exhibition at the Kunstverein Munich, he shows a small number of monumental hand-woven tapestries. Explored in these works is a range of variations: a gradual transition from silver to gold (‘Vertigo’s Doll’, 2010) or a slow evolution from one quality of black into another (‘Black to Black’, 2011). Since 2009, these weavings have appeared in various constellations and contexts in De Rooij’s multidisciplinary production, the exhibition at the Kunstverein Munich brings together a selection of De Rooij’s weavings at a European institution for the first time.

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