KW Institute for Contemporary Art

Anthony Mccall

27 - 30 Apr 2017

Anthony McCall, Solid Light, 1973
Installation drawing for ‘Line Describing a Cone’, Ink on paper
© Anthony McCall
Courtesy the artist and Sprüth Magers
27 April – 30 April 2017

KW Institute for Contemporary Art is thrilled to announce its new series titled Pause, envisioned as a platform to punctuate the program by presenting singular artworks for a short period of time in order to bridge relationships between the past, present and future.

In response to Ian Wilson’s circle and disk works from the late 60’s, KW presents Line Describing a Cone (1973), an iconic light work from British artist and filmmaker Anthony McCall (born 1946 in St. Paul’s Cray, GB). For KW, McCall presents the original cinematic version using a 16 mm projector. Over the course of thirty minutes a thin line of light traces the circumference of a circle shaping a hollow cone through the vast hall on the ground floor. By using two smoking machines and filling up the entire space with mist the artist emphasizes a three dimensional form evoking a sculptural presence. In this installation the audience does not remain passive, instead the spectators are shaping their perception of the work by walking through the space. This very reduced and simple work reelects elegantly not only the alliances between minimalist sculpture, site-specific installation and expanded cinema, but also the very basic conditions of art production and its perception.

Tags: Anthony McCall, Projector, Ian Wilson