La Casa Encendida

ARTAUD exhibition

03 Apr - 07 Jun 2009

© Antonin Artaud

3 April to 7 June 2009
Spaces D and E

La Casa Encendida of the Obra Social Caja Madrid presents the first retrospective ever held in Spain of the life and work of Antonin Artaud, one of the most outstanding artists of the 20th century. Entitled Artaud and curated by Marta González Orbegozo, the exhibition will reveal one of the creative facets of the author: his drawings and cahiers, as well as several photographs and a selection of manuscripts and documents which will shed light on his poetic universe and help visitors discover the personality of this controversial artist.
Simultaneously, as part of the parallel programme of activities, the “Artaud. Film” series will feature a selection of titles to highlight the acting and screenwriting talents of the artist as well as his legacy and influence on later filmmakers. Meanwhile, Vicente Molina Foix will coordinate a symposium on the figure of Artaud, and a radio performance inspired by the programme that Artaud created for the French National Radio will be held at the end of May.

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