La Casa Encendida


17 Sep - 01 Nov 2009

Spaces D and E.

Entry free of charge.

The exhibition proposes searching out and describing the presence of camouflage in recent artistic creation. Camouflage is a recurrent sign of our visual culture: It has become a distinctive sign of urban tribes, a fashion medium of the large prêt-à-porter firms, a favourite attribute of fashionable singers, star of the films that portray our condition. And it is also a key notion to articulate an aesthetic, political and anthropological reflection on key matters of identity and subjectivity, or the recognition of deceit, surveillance, control, sham, disguise, a construction of what is real or the manipulation as distinctive signs of contemporary societies.
The set of works and artists selected for this exhibition enables us to appreciate the variety of roles camouflage performs in creation today: As an idea, a source of inspiration, as a formal template, as artistic strategy, as a social symptom, as a feminine method, etc. The collective, organised by Maite Méndez and Pedro Pizarro, is composed of Joan Fontcuberta, Chema Cobo, Mateo Maté, Desiree Palmen, Liu Bolín, Laurent La Gamba, Gina Zacharias, Rogelio López Cuenca, Maider López, Carmen Mariscal, Isaac Montoya, Alfredo Jaar, Eleanor Antin, Francesca Woodman, Lalla Essady, Lara & Monica, Laura Marte, Leo Fabrizio, Manuel Cerda, Ottonella Mocellin, Ria Pacquee, Rogelio López Cuenca and Sánchez Blanco.

Tags: Eleanor Antin, Liu Bolin, Manuel Cerda, Chema Cobo, Rogelio López Cuenca, Joan Fontcuberta, Alfredo Jaar, Maider López, Mateo Maté, Ria Pacquée, Francesca Woodman