La Casa Encendida

People Have the Power

24 May - 08 Sep 2013

24 May - 8 September 2013

Curator: Luisa Espino

Based on the testimony of artists and collectives from different disciplines, this project dissects the contents of a demonstration, identifying its lead actors, the props they use and the stage on which they act, and emphasising the value of the public space as a place of exchange where these actions become visible.

Since the days of the Situationist International, artists have regarded walking or moving around the city as a critical tool. Mobility is a condition intrinsic to modern daily life, and the street has become the natural stage on which socio-political conflicts and new social changes play out. In this setting, demonstrations have become one of the fastest-growing phenomena in recent years. There are an ever-greater number of causes that unite citizens around the world and make them take to the streets: climate change, the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the Indignados or 15-May movement, the Arab Spring and now the marches to protest spending cuts in countries afflicted by the financial crisis and the measures introduced to deal with it.


Ed Hall
Nicoline van Harskamp
Sharon Hayes
Oliver Ressler
Todo por la praxis

Tags: Nicoline van Harskamp, Sharon Hayes, Oliver Ressler, Superflex