La Maison Rouge

Marco Decorpeliada

19 Feb - 16 May 2010

Marco Decorpeliada

19 February - 16 May 2010

La maison rouge presents the first showing of the work of Marco Decorpeliada (1947-2006), a non-professional artist who produced a stream of singular creations. All his creations address the psychiatric diagnoses and pigeonholing that left him battered and worn.

His riposte to being labelled and catalogued this way was to manufacture objects which challenge this psychiatric nosology. The detonator came when he discovered what he saw as a clear correspondence between the codes given to mental disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 4th Edition and the product codes in the Picard frozen foods catalogue: two items, one number.

He thus counters 20.1, Schizophrenia, Catatonic Type with 20.1, Whole Cooked Shrimps; 42.0, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) with 42.0, Steamed carrot sticks.

Marco Decorpeliada turns classifications upside down. His first pieces, which he called Schizometers, are made from folding rules. With them he tracks the shortcomings of nosology down to the freezer door, while a skeleton assimilates classification with calcification.

Marco Decorpeliada’s work testifies to what we could call artistic guerrilla warfare. A war against the armada of referential knowledge and its dead ends. A joyful, ironic, parodical, comical yet rigorously logical war.

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