La Maison Rouge

The video art collection of Isabelle and Jean-Conrad Lemaître

19 Feb - 14 May 2006

the video art collection of isabelle and jean-conrad lemaître
une vision du monde
february 19th - may 14th 2006

La maison rouge continues its cycle of exhibitions of private collections with selected works from the Isabelle and Jean-Conrad Lemaître collection. This collection is composed essentially of recent video art by contemporary international artists who question the world we live in, a humanity in transformation, the limits of our sociopolitical systems, and the language of image today versus fictional cinema, documentary video and television.

Curated by Christine Van Assche, conservator for New Media at the Centre Georges Pompidou.
Scenography by Didier Faustino/bureau des mésarchitectures

Tags: Didier Faustino