La Maison Rouge

Under influences plastic arts and psychotropics

15 Feb - 19 Jun 2013

Yayoï Kusama
Dots Obsession (infinity Mirrored Room), 1998
Collection les Abattoirs-Frac Midi-Pyrénées
© Yayoï Kusama, photographie Grand Rond Production
Curator : Antoine Perpère
15 February - 19 May 2013

La maison rouge presents, from February 15th to May 19th 2013, Under Influences, a major exhibition which addresses the relationship between artists and psychotropics.
Since the dawn of time, or rather of humanity, our fellow men have crossed the path of psychoactive substances, plants, mushrooms and various concoctions. These encounters have led to stupefaction, intoxication, dependence, mystical insights, relief, death, even epiphany.
Artists, who are constantly in search of doors to creation, passageways, catalysts, transgressions, stimuli and ways to penetrate figments of the mind, were all but compelled to try out their effects.
Leaving moral judgement, socio-judicial standpoints, psychological interpretations and preconceived aesthetic choices aside, the exhibition proposes (necessarily non-exhaustive) examples of the interrelations between creative processes and the use of psychodynamic substances.
The most readily accessible illustration is the visual representation of substances or their use. Such images are heavily dependent on prevailing morals, and the balance of power between transgressive experiences and legislation. Consequently, the works can be viewed on a range of levels, from historic document to art. Included are psychedelic posters for American concerts, advertisements, and a selection of books and other publications on the theme.
A second aspect will include works which, intentionally or unintentionally, have a near-psychotropic effect on the viewer (installations, environments, psycho-sensorial devices).
The third corpus, and the core of the subject, comprises works produced deliberately under or concomitant to the use of psychoactive substances: drug-users producing visual art or artists experimenting with thought modifiers for creative purposes.
Films and videos are an important part of the exhibition as, by accounting for time in plastic expression, they make possible original attempts to transcribe and document altered thoughts and perceptions.
Certain artists have used psychotropic substances old and new to tripwire creativity and chart journeys into "madness" which in certain cases have proved uncontrollable or a source of suffering. Translating these experiences into the aesthetic realm, as presented here, will enable each individual to realise the constant complexity of their effects.

Antoine Perpère

Featured artists:
Adel Abdessemed ( 1971 ) , Pablo Amar ingo ( 1943-2009) , Antonin Artaud ( 1876- 1948) , Art Orienté Objet ( 1991 ) , Jean-Baptiste Audat ( 1950) , Aurèle ( 1963) , Martine Balata & René Jullien (1947 et 1947), Edson Barrus (1961), Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960- 1988), Char les Baudelaire (1821 - 1867), Hans Bellmer (1902- 1975), Bruno Botella (1976), Lilian Bourgeat (1970), Tania Brassesco & Lazlo Passi-Norberto (1986 and 1984), Jean-Louis Brau (1930- 1985), Nathalie Brevet_Hughes Rochette (1976 and 1975), Mathieu Briand (1972), David Brognon & Stéphanie Rollin (1978 et 1980), Jiri Černický (1966), les Frères Chapuisat (1972 et 1976), Jean-Philippe Charbonnier (1921 -2004), Jean-Martin Charcot (1825- 1893), Larry Clark (1943), Lucien Clergue (1934), Jean Cocteau (1889- 1963), François Curlet (1967), Luc Delahaye (1962), Hélène Delprat (1957), Jeroen de Rijke & Willem De Rooij (1969 et 1970-2006), Hervé Di Rosa (1959), Léo Dohmen (1929- 1999), Jean Dupuy (1925), Miguel Egaña (1952), Erró (1932), Esther Ferrer (1937), Robert Filliou (1926- 1987), Henri Foucault (1954), Michel François (1956), Alberto Garcia-Alix (1956), Nan Goldin (1953), Raymond Hains (1926-2005), Gary Hill (1951), Damien Hirst (1965), Carsten Höller (1961), Irvin Penn (1917-2009), les Iconoblastes, Mati Klarwein (1932-2002), David Kramer (1963), Yayoi Kusama (1929), Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux (1950), Joris Lacoste (1973), Isabelle Le Minh (1965), Jean- Jacques Lebel (1936), Pierre Leguillon (1969), Claude Lévêque (1953), Guy Limone (1958), EliLotar (1905- 1969), Robert Malaval (1937- 1980), Alberto Martini (1876- 1954), Batan Matta (1943- 1976) , Philippe Mayaux (1961), Fiorenza Menini (1970), Henri Michaux (1899- 1984), Takashi Murakami (1963), Youssef Nabil (1972), Helio OIticica (1937- 1980), Nam June Paik (1932-2006), Frédéric Pardo (1944-2005), Antoine Perpère (1949), Francis Picabia (1879- 1953), Gabriel Pomerand (1926- 1972), Daniel Pommereulle (1937-2003), Frédéric Post (1975-), Markus Raetz (1941), Arnulf Rainer (1929), Martial Raysse (1936), Eugène Richards (1944), Gianfranco Rosi , Ben Russell (1976), Bernard Saby (1925-1975), Bryan Lewis Saunders (1969), Jeanne Susplugas (1974), Fred Tomaselli (1956), herman de vries (1931), Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz (1885- 1939), Pierre Leguillon (1969), Tony Bouilhet

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