I really should...

13 Jul - 27 Aug 2005

The Lisson Gallery Summer Show.

13 July - 27 August 2005

29 & 52-54 Bell Street

Curated by Stefan Kalmar, including works by: Matthew Buckingham, Gerard Byrne, Chris Evans, Liam Gillick, Emma Kay, Janice Kerbel, Tim Lee, Hilary Lloyd, Kelly Mark, Nils Norman, Henrik Oleson, Mathias Poledna, Stephen Prina, Simon Popper, Jeremy Shaw, Sean Snyder, Cerith Wyn Evans and Chistopher Williams.

Taking the exhibition title from Canadian artist Kelly Mark's work 'I really should...', this years Lisson Summer Show presents a generation of international artists whose work is influenced by the conceptual discursiveness of the 60s and 70s and the contextual analysis of European and North American art of the early 90s - embracing as well, the open and poetic qualities of the visual.

They distinguish themselves from previous generations of artists by acknowledging that there is no 'outside' and no alternative e.g., when locked out of one system, one will inevitably be locked into another. Seizing opportunity out of the current global 'omni-crisis' (Negri/Hardt) they offer instead a 'soft-core' critique that could be termed 'post September 11th conceptualism', and present a consciously oblique, critical perspective on the current economic climate defined by exploitative and dubiously integrative capitalism, resulting in the collapse of modern politics.

Arguably, it is the most interesting artists who respond to and reflect in their work, the socio-cultural climate of our time. Confronted by an opaque world, with no inside or outside, and no real centre of power (as it exists both everywhere and nowhere) the artists react not with mimicry or intervention, but with the construction of a new mode of work, new references and relations, and a new sense of responsibility.

Tags: Matthew Buckingham, Gerard Byrne, Cerith Wyn Evans, Chris Evans, Liam Gillick, Janice Kerbel, Tim Lee, Hilary Lloyd, Kelly Mark, Nils Norman, Mathias Poledna, Simon Popper, Stephen Prina, Jeremy Shaw, Sean Snyder