Miwa Yanagi | Manfred Paul

12 Jan - 14 Apr 2018

Miwa Yanagi, Kawanakajima II, 2016 © Miwa Yanagi
Manfred Paul, Pampelmuse mit Löffel, 1984 © Manfred Paul
OPENING: January 12, 2018 | 7–9pm
January 13 – April 14, 2018

Loock Galerie, Berlin
Miwa Yanagi
The goddess and the god separate under the peach tree

Loock Galerie is pleased to host Miwa Yanagi ́s solo exhibition showing her new photographic series „The goddess and the god separate under the peach tree“.
Ten years ago, Miwa Yanagi represented Japan at the Venice Biennale with "windswept Woman" and has since developed various theatre productions. Her play "Zero Hour: Tokyo Rose’s last tape", for which she wrote the text, conceptualized the staging, as well as designed the costumes, was shown in Japan in 2015 and then travelled to the USA.

In „The goddess and the god separate under the peach tree“ Yanagi associates Japanese Mythology with Fukushima, Japan ́s last major tragedy.

Showroom Loock Galerie, Berlin
Manfred Paul
Nature Morte 1983 – 1985

Loock Galerie is pleased to present, in its showroom, a solo exhibition of German photographer Manfred Paul with a selection of photographs of his series „Nature Morte 1983 – 1985“. Inspired by the Vanitas, his photographs are a reflection on life as well as a depiction of the notion of intimacy in the GDR.

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