You Are In My Wave

07 Apr - 28 May 2017

David Hartt, The Republic
Johanna Billing, I’m Lost Without Your Rhythm / still, 2009, HD 
13’29” loop
Devendra Banhart, o.T. 2017
Jesper Just, Sirens of Chrome / still, 2010,HD 
12’38” looped
David Hartt, The Republic / still, 2014, HD 
16’08” looped
Sam Prekop, o.T., 2016
7 April – 28 May 2017

Curated by Jörg Koopmann & Lene Harbo Pedersen

Devendra Banhart
Johanna Billing
Jeroen Diepenmaat
David Hartt
Jesper Just
Alexander Laner
Anne Pfeifer
Sam Prekop

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This is a space where waves have been lifted into sound. In 2016 Lothringer13 hosted many musical experiences and now dedicates a group-show to the beautiful bond between sight and sound. Nine artists provide well tuned projects for this springtime at Lothringer13 Halle.
Music has its way, music has its waves.

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The way we perceive music and visual arts, it often seems that they are two related modalities. They are at times inseparable, although they reach and move us in different ways. Our senses record and store these inputs, and they affect us both in beautiful waves. There are countless creative productions that connect the audible and the visual in various ways – playful or conceptual, by content or form, on dimensions or timely aspects, repetitive or linear systems – one finds good reasons and perspectives for fruitful productions and dialogs.

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As composer and electro-veteran Charles Cohen recently stated: „That process of expressing yourself and knowing it got received somehow is very healing“
So go receive...
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