Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Max Ernst

06 Feb - 01 Jun 2009

"Dream and Revolution "

6/2 2009 - 1/6 2009

No artist in the 20th century waged as revolutionary and innovative an assault on the traditional views of the picture as the Surrealist Max Ernst (1891-1976). In the spring of 2009 the Louisiana Museum will be showing the first major exhibition of Max Ernst in Denmark, presenting a retrospective view of the most important artistic stages in Ernst’s work: the Dada years in Cologne, his Surrealist period in France up to1941, the period in the USA, Max Ernst’s return to Europe and the years in France until the artist’s death in 1976.
The exhibition is being mounted in collaboration with Moderna Museet in Stockholm, with participation from the world’s leading authority on Max Ernst, Professor Werner Spies, former director of the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

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