Ludwig Forum

Eros und Stasi

26 Sep - 21 Nov 2010

Foto: Ute Mahler, Mecklenburg, 1984
East-German Photography from the collection of Gabriele Koenig in Aachen

September 26 - November 21, 2010
opening: Su 26.09.10, 12 a.m.

With „Eros und Stasi“ (26.09- 21.11.2010), the Ludwig Forum shows East-German photography from the collection of Gabriele Koenig in Aachen.
The exhibition presents around 100 works by such important photographers as Sibylle Bergemann, Evelyn Richter, Ulrich Wüst, Ute Mahler, Will McBride, Helga Paris and Roger Melis. In black and white, they have documented everyday situations that reflect the more recent history of East-Germany beyond high politics - snapshots that show the professional and private everyday life, political activities, urban landscapes, interiors and nudes.
The street photography of the 1970s and 80s that gives an authentic and unadorned impression of life in East-Germany is central. Urban views by Ursula Arnold and Arno Fischer show the situation of the 1950s. Ten large-scale works in color from the series “STASI – secret rooms” by Daniel and Geo Fuchs provide an afterthought. 15 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, they document the abandoned sites of the infamous State Security Service and follow the traces of a surveillance state and its perfidious machinery.


Tags: Sibylle Bergemann, Arno Fischer, Will McBride, Helga Paris, Evelyn Richter, Ulrich Wüst